Leasing Instructions


You will need:

- A mainnet wallet

- Some LTO in your wallet

Step 1 - Starting a Lease

1. Go to your wallet and log in

2. Select "Leasing" from the side menu

3. Press "Start Lease" and

4. Select "LTOnod.es LEasing" from the available options.

5. Select the amount of LTO you want to lease, leaving at least 3 LTO in your wallet for tx fees.

and press "Lease"

Step 2 - Registering your wallet with the Telegrambot

1. Go to the LTOnod.es Telegram bot and type or press "/start"

2. type "/register" to register your address. You should enter the wallet you are leasing FROM here.

3. press "/verify"

4. Follow the instructions given by the bot - it will ask you to send a small transaction (worth 0.01 LTO) with a memo attached

if all goes well, you should see your leasing balance and details in the bot.